Business Litigation

With its extensive experience in all facets of commercial litigation, Figliulo & Silverman has won numerous important victories for its clients. In a broad range of matters, the firm has skillfully represented businesses and individuals in trials, arbitrations and mediations concerning complex business disputes.

Figliulo & Silverman handles all types of business litigation and commercial disputes, including partnership and corporate disputes, securities litigation, class actions, real estate litigation, bankruptcy and employment litigation.  In every business dispute handled by Figliulo & Silverman, the client’s case is zealously advocated in order to realize the desired result.

The following is a representative sample of recent matters handled by the firm:

  • Obtained a $27.5 million verdict on behalf of a general contractor against a steel fabricator for faulty work.
  • Obtained a $41.7 million jury verdict in federal court related to breaches of warranty under a purchase and sale agreement for a chemical plant.
  • Obtained a $25 million verdict for just compensation in connection with the attempted taking of a golf course.
  • Successfully defended a Big Four accounting firm and other professional services firms in various matters, including defense of lawsuits alleging securities fraud and defense of lawsuits commenced by bankruptcy trustees alleging breach of contract and accounting malpractice.
  • Secured dismissal of a legal malpractice action against a major Chicago law firm by showing in a motion for summary judgment that the plaintiff’s claim was barred by a prior indemnification agreement.
  • Represented antitrust defendants in class actions alleging price-fixing conspiracies.
  • Represented an antitrust plaintiff in a matter involving an alleged discriminatory pricing policy by a Japanese supplier of a U.S. company.
  • Represented a financial services firm against former employee’s claim that firm improperly valued stock appreciation rights.
  • Represented a company against former employees who breached their fiduciary duties by soliciting customers on behalf of a competitive business, which included successfully obtaining a preliminary injunction and a finding of contempt against the former employees.
  • Successfully petitioned Court of Appeals for panel rehearing, and obtained reversal of summary judgments that had been entered by the trial court against our clients, a group of former employees of a bankrupt company who had been sued on unpaid promissory notes evidencing bank loans, the proceeds of which were used to finance investments in company stock. The Court of Appeals held that the trial court had erroneously rejected our clients’ defenses that the promissory notes were unenforceable by reason of multiple violations of federal securities laws committed by the company and the bank.
  • Successfully petitioned Court of Appeals for a writ of mandamus ordering the trial court to dismiss our client, a Hungarian bank, from a $75 billion putative class action suit brought by a group of Holocaust survivors, and by the heirs of other Holocaust victims, alleging that our client and other Hungarian banks had participated in expropriating property from Jews during the Holocaust.
  • Successfully defended at trial a construction company against claims of single-employer liability for unpaid union dues, delinquent contributions and other damages that were owed by a subcontractor to trust funds.
  • Represented the owners of a prestigious Michigan Avenue property in the multimillion dollar arbitration to determine the value of the property and rent to be paid by the hotel operated on the site.
  • Represented a national healthcare management services firm in class actions alleging breach of contract and consumer fraud in Madison County, Ill.
  • Represented and counseled many lawyers and law firms in law firm related disputes.
  • Obtained a $24.5 million jury verdict in federal court in favor of a developer against METRA for unreasonably interfering with air rights.
  • Represented an insurance industry provider in complex class action relating to PPO payments.
  • Represented a former CEO in multi-billion dollar litigation in which the plaintiffs allege that CDO investment vehicle violated state qui tam statute.